Too much tech policy is decided based upon framings chosen by tech executives and their lobbyists. We seek to change this by connecting tech workers directly to nonprofits and policy makers working to hold tech companies accountable.

Due to Eric Schmidt's role in the demotion of a DOD ethics compliance officer, his decade long support for profiting from the suppression of human rights and dissent in China, and his failure as a leader of Google to discourage his executives' sexual harassment, we have released an open letter calling for Stanford's Insitute for Human-Centered AI to not elevate him as a keynote speaker at their upcoming ethics conference.

One of our members published an op-ed on the need for more protections for whistleblowers and organizers within the tech industry; the article also called for the tech industry to redirect some of its enthusiasm for ethics boards into support for a rejuvenation of the Ruggie framework.

Tech Inquiry was founded in March of 2019 by Dr. Jack Poulson due to his experiences advocating for Google — his former employer — to be held accountable for its planned censorship and surveillance of human rights information and activity in China and abroad.

General inquiries can be directed to: info@techinquiry.org.