We are a small — as-of-yet unincorporated — nonprofit providing pro bono consulting on algorithmic and policy issues arising from the proliferation of:

  • Statistical inference / Automated decision making — often called 'AI',
  • Personal data collection and surveillance,
  • Proactive censorship by Western tech companies, and
  • Recommendation systems and their impact on communities.

Our primary aim is to democratize critical inquiry into the tech industry by providing our expertise to: government officials, human rights, immigration, and labor lawyers, social scientists, journalists, and nonprofits.

In certain cases, we will also contribute towards software engineering (pro bono).

One of our members recently published an op-ed on the need for more protections for whistleblowers and organizers within the tech industry; the article also called for the tech industry to redirect some of its enthusiasm for ethics boards into support for a rejuvenation of the Ruggie framework.

Tech Inquiry was founded in March of 2019 by Dr. Jack Poulson due to his experiences advocating for Google — his former employer — to be held accountable for its planned censorship and surveillance of human rights information and activity in China and abroad.

Requests should currently be sent to jack@techinquiry.org.
PGP: F797 E00E C000 C666 2B8A 4039 8563 8418 6676 8E76.