Please see our governance page for information on our governance structure and bylaws.

Irene Knapp (they/them): Secretary of Board

Irene Knapp are an intersectional activist for trans rights and mental health, a privacy expert who was part of Google's privacy teams before leaving on ethical grounds, and a labor organizer. They focus on holding the tech industry accountable to its promises of a better world by centering the people technology affects.

Shauna Gordon McKeon (she/her): President of Board

Shauna Gordon-McKeon is a freelance technology consultant with a background in open source project management and Python programming. Her current focus is on improving both the governance of technology and governance technologies.

Laura Nolan (she/her): Treasurer of Board

Laura Nolan is a software engineer focused on reliability in complex distributed software systems. She campaigns for a ban on autonomous weapons systems and is a part-time postgraduate student in ethics at Dublin City University.

Liz O'Sullivan (they or she): Board Member

Liz O’Sullivan is Technology Director at the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) and a member of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC). She’s also co-founder and vice president of commercial operations at an AI explainability and bias monitoring startup called Arthur AI.

Dr. Jack Poulson (he/him): Executive Director

Jack Poulson received his PhD in applied mathematics in 2012 before working as an Assistant Professor or Mathematics at Stanford and a Senior Research Scientist at Google. He is now an independent computational scientist, with a focus on open source mathematics software, and an advocate for scientists negotiating the ethical boundaries of their work.